Ocean City Gets Hit with Major Flooding

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Sunday night's storm, which continued to sweep through many parts of South Jersey until Monday morning only brought in about an inch of rain to areas such as Ocean City.

Despite this, flood warnings were still issued due to high tide and strong winds, and flooding occurred throughout the resort town. 

Seasonal residents say it's frustrating but expected. 

“It’s the time of the year, and if you decided to live in a place that’s only a couple of feet above sea water, you have to take it," said Eamonn Tohill. "But the summers are nice."

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Ocean City has been known to have flooding issues, like many other shore towns. The city has been working to alleviate the most flood-prone areas with updated drain systems since 2013. 

Visitors were shocked at how much water was crowding around the storm drains.

“We’ve had a lot of rain, but it seems peculiar that some streets are dry and other streets are barricaded off because they’re flooded despite storm drains," said Bobbi Gainer.

Gainer and her husband Harold have visited Ocean City many times over the years but said they have never seen it flooded this badly.

Countless others were venturing out despite the many closed roads and flooded streets. The big concern is the effect the water will have on vehicles.

“I have a pickup truck and went through a couple of bad puddles and actually I’ve heard the brakes start to squeal already, so it does take a toll on the vehicle," said Tohill.

The salt water can create corrosion and paint damage. So, if you can avoid those large puddles, it would be in the best interest of any vehicle.

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