The Secret to the Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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Bread. Cheese. Butter.

Three simple ingredients that when combined make a favorite from many of our childhoods.

“We’ve always had grilled cheese, since ... we were kids. We didn’t have a lot of money, and so my mother made a lot of grilled cheese sandwiches,” said Ralph Caputo, of Margate.

And on Thursday, April 12th, we unofficially celebrate that simple sandwich.

“I’m here today because today is National Grilled Cheese Day,” said Caputo.

You take everybody’s comfort food and you get creative with it.

“Years ago, it was a cheap thing,” said Dominic Stigliano, general manager and chef at The Grilled Cheese & Crabcake Co, located in Somers Point. “We have bread, we have some cheese. Let’s put it together [and] melt it. And it tastes good.”

In Somers Point, the staff at The Grilled Cheese & Crabcake Co. focus their menu around just that —  grilled cheese and crab cakes.

“You can build whatever you want," said Angie Sciarillo, co-owner of The Grilled Cheese & Crabcake Co. 

"You can get traditional grilled cheese, you can get grilled cheese with Swiss, grilled cheese with muenster, grilled cheese with Monterey - grilled cheese with anything.­­­” 

“You take everybody’s comfort food and you get creative with it,” said Stigliano.

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Although the meal only takes three simple ingredients, the staff at the restaurant put their own spin on each grilled cheese and add in things like seafood, pork belly, coleslaw, or whatever you crave.

To add a kick, “making it angry” is a popular way to spice things up.

But the ingredients are only half of the equation.

“Of course, it has to be crispy and it has to be melted and gooey,” said Stigliano. “And if it’s not that, it’s not the perfect grilled cheese.”

And that perfect gooey and crunchy combination is what takes so many of us back home.

“You know, it’s home,” said Sciarillo. “It’s like homey. It’s mom growing up, grilled cheese, put it in a cup of tomato soup. It’s awesome.”

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