Autism Events at Pineland Learning Center Speak Louder than Words

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Students at Pineland Learning Center are celebrating Autism Awareness Month not just to raise awareness, but to help a local organization.

Students in each grade level of Pineland Learning Center continue to participate in activities focused on the developmental disability, also called autism spectrum disorder, because of the broad range of conditions characterized by its challenges to those diagnosed with the disorder.

Individual puzzle pieces, created by students in each of the school’s grade level classes, were mounted on a board to align with the national autism campaign logo which includes puzzle pieces. The school’s elementary age students also celebrated with “Bubbles for Autism”, blowing bubbles to create awareness for the disorder.

“Bubbles are symbols of hope and bring people together. They are meant to create a new awareness for those with Autism,” Program Director Lisa Lamb explained.  “Every individual at our school, including students, faculty and staff, has gotten involved in Pineland Learning Center's commitment to raise awareness and hope for the increased support of autism.”

Lamb said that everyone at the school is participating in additional programs and events to raise awareness, as well as money, that will be donated to Autism Speaks, an organization devoted to the support and advancement of individuals with autism.

The puzzle piece board was sponsored by the students in grades 11 and 12 who also initiated fundraising activities including the creation and placement of donation jars and Autism awareness displays at Inspira’s Twice Loved Treasures Thrift Shop, a Pineland Learning Center partner, and in the school’s main lobby area.  The jars and information displays are intended to encourage continued community interest and support, as well as support from advocates of the school. Students in these grades are also distributing information about autism to the public during their volunteer learning hours at the Inspira Thrift Shop. 

The school’s faculty and staff also made donations to wear blue jeans on the School’s “Light It Up Blue” Spirit Day.  Blue is the designated color for the national recognition of this cause

“Everything we’re doing shows true community involvement,” Lamb added.  “It shows the fact that we are a school devoted to advancing students with learning and developmental disabilities and we have an appreciation for students who have this disorder and their challenges - and we want to support them."

Older students also assembled bags which included autism awareness materials and information that were distributed to each classroom for all students to share with their families. In addition, age-appropriate presentations on autism were made to middle and high school students as well as the elementary grade students of Pineland Learning Center. Students also created a display to welcome school visitors while increasing their understanding of autism.

“We’re quite proud of our students and their community spirit in wanting to participate in activities that support a cause such as autism,” Lamb explained.  “Through efforts such as this they will grow and learn and continue to see they must make valuable contributions to their living and learning communities.”

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