RCGC Employees Attend Safety Training for Unpredictable Situations

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What are the proper precautions to take during an active shooter situation?

Faculty and staff members with Rowan College at Gloucester County (RCGC) went through a training session on Tuesday, March 13th, held by multiple law enforcement agencies, to get educated on the safest ways to navigate an unpredictable incident.

“This is a reality that can happen anywhere,” said Thomas Gilbert, chief of staff with the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office.

Locks on classroom doors and emergency phones can be found all across the RCGC's campus.

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But if staff members ever find themselves in an active shooting situation, local law enforcement companies want them to be prepared.

“Number one, run,” said William Perna, Sr., director of public safety for Gloucester County Emergency Response. “Get away from the threat. Recognize the threat, recognize that there are gunshots and what they sound like. Or, it doesn’t have to be gunshots, recognize that there could be someone on campus with any other type of weapon.”

The preparedness training was a way for local and county officials to share their knowledge and advice, and to stress the importance of everyone working together.

“We want you to hide, and while you’re hiding, we want you to call 911, we want you to call the campus security,” said Perna. “We want you in touch with us at the emergency response centers so we can send what is adequate, the resources that are needed.”

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While the faculty and staff did receive tips on what to do if they’re ever in that type of emergency, the law enforcement experts also emphasized how much they can do on the preventative side of things.

“We’d much rather be on the preventative side of things, where if there is someone out there that we are aware of that might have some challenging system issues, with mental health or addiction or whatever it may be, that we can all work to help that individual,” said Gilbert.

As the eyes and ears on campus, Gilbert says it’s important to have situational and personal awareness.

“If you see something, say something,” said Gilbert. “And that’s really important. And sometimes people don’t realize it might evolve into when we’re talking about somebody that might be having personal issues or personal problems that could lead them to do something destructive.”

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