Ocean City Locals Ready to Ditch Winter and Say Hello to Spring

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The official start of spring is just over a week away, but there is talk of another nor’easter and the possibility of snow.

But the few who stepped out to enjoy the windy weather on the Ocean City Boardwalk on Monday, March 12th, say they’re ready to say goodbye to winter.

“It’s March, it’s almost Easter [and] it’s almost Spring," said Debra Brandt, of Ocean City, "so of course we want something different.” 

Summertime. We’re ready for the summertime, yeah.

Monday's chilly temperatures brought strong winds to the Ocean City Boardwalk causing those taking a stroll to bundle up.

“It’s too windy. I wanted to go further north, but the north wind has sent me back early," said Brandt. "I’ve dressed warm [and] I put my long underwear on so I’m not that uncomfortable. But it’s not the best day for walking, obviously.”

“I have three coats under here because I’m going to go down by the water and it’s always so cold down there," said Sue Dascher, of nearby Somers Point. "I’m getting a little sick of it, but my dog loves it.” 

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Some residents of the city are concerned that yet another nor’easter could cause more flooding.

“Well, we live on Central Avenue and it’s pretty high up there," said Brandt. "But on days like that we just sort of stay in. We’re not really sure what’s happening all the way around, but you do worry about your neighbors and the beach so it’s a lot. Three nor’easters in two weeks? That’s quite unusual.” 

Many were hoping and dreaming of the warmer days that lie ahead.

“We’re ready for the summertime, yeah. We like 80 degrees,” said Tony Galante, of Ocean City.

“I really just can’t wait for that sun to come out and have it be hot,” said Dascher.

But they say they’ll make the best of what the winds blow their way.

“I’m done with it," said Dascher. "But you can’t change Mother Nature so I’m alright.” 

“Hopefully, it’s the last of the season," said Galante. "But I wouldn’t be surprised; I’ve seen it snow in April. So whatever it brings, we’re ready for it.” 

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