Atlantic City Electric Working Around the Clock to Restore Power

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When the power goes out, it's difficult for many to keep a positive attitude and work around the obstacles. Not for the Mashuras.

Melissa and Chuck Mashura are parents to five kids and say things can go south pretty quickly if the kids aren't occupied during a power outage, but it's easier in the winter time.

"We usually lose power a lot in the summer, and that really stinks because then it's really hot, and it's hard to keep the kids comfortable because we have five kids, and everybody can get miserable pretty quickly," said Melissa. "But in the winter time, we kind of all hunker together. We got cozy, we played some card games. It was nice."

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The Mashuras' positive attitude made things easier for all five kids to get ready for school this morning with one of the only complaints being the warmth.

Their generator powers many things in the house, but it's not strong enough to kick on the heat.

They said they, "made the best of it," but definitely thought after 19 hours, they would have power restored.

Many people in the area have been battling the same thing with the most recent winter storms.

Frank Tedesco, a spokesperson for Atlantic City Electric says their crew is working around the clock to get things back up and running.

"We have approximately 480 internal lineman, overhead line contractors and tree crew personnel working twenty-four seven to restore service to the approximately more than twelve thousand customers who remain without power due to Winter Storm Quinn and the heavy wet snow associated with this weather event, laid on power lines and tree limbs which snapped and fell on our infrastructure causing the outages," said Tedesco.

"But we do have 24/7 coverage to get these folks back these services quickly and safely as possible.”

Tedesco also says that they have called on their sister utility crews for an additional 144 line personnel.

“Even though we struggle for a few hours, we have to really be patient and be thankful for the hard work that the lineman put in, risking their lives and dealing with the icy cold out there and the frigid temperatures and the danger of their job," said Melissa.

"So, they’re doing the best they can. It’s hard to sit and wait but they’re out there trying to get as many people’s power restored as possible. So thank you to the lineman that work hard to make our lives easier."

Atlantic City Electric expects to have nearly all customers restored at some point on Friday, March 9th.

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