These Drones Can Send Cell Service to Areas Impacted by Major Storms

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After all these storms, making sure South Jersey is prepared for weather-related emergencies may never have seemed so important.

On Thursday, March 8th, Verizon Wireless — in partnership with American Aerospace Technologies (AATI) — held a drone exercise to show how they plan on getting wireless service to areas impacted by major storms.

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When disaster strikes, officials say they want to make sure the people who need cell service will stay connected no matter what nature throws at them.

"After a hurricane on a barrier island where power outages and flooding may have knocked out the cellular network, we can fly in from long distances with the long endurance unmanned aircraft systems like the RS-20 and provide those critical communication services to both first responders and the public after a crisis," said David Yoel, founder and CEO of AATI.

The cell coverage provided by these drones during emergencies will also be available to Verizon customers.

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