SJTA Crews Work to Keep A.C. Expressway Clear While Storm Persists

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The Atlantic City Expressway operates as an evacuation route for much of the South Jersey area and crews were ready to keep the roads as clear as possible and as quick as possible.

Many people in South Jersey woke up to snow falling Wednesday morning.

“We had some treatment we applied to the roads shortly after midnight, [then] we had a little burst of snow that came after midnight,” said Greg Brandley, operations manager for South Jersey Transportation Authority.

And if [it gets] to the point where we have to plow, we have plow crews out there also to take care of the snow.”

That snow eventually turned over into heavy rain that washed the overnight snow away on the Atlantic City Expressway.

“We’re just waiting for the snow to come — the second burst of snow,” said Brandley.  

Eventually it did begin snowing that thick, wet snow on the Expressway in Sicklerville right before noon, which almost immediately created a slushy mess on the roads. 

But crews were ready to tackle it.

“We are out [and] ready. Salt trucks are loaded and we’re going to start with salting," said Brandley. "And if [it gets] to the point where we have to plow, we have plow crews out there also to take care of the snow.” 

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Several of their vehicles waited in medians along highways so they’d have no trouble responding to snow-coated roads.  

“We cover the entire Expressway, 44 miles of the Expressway, the connector down in Brigantine and we also salt on Route 42 for snowstorms,” said Brandley.

The crew at South Jersey Transportation Authority’s Hammonton (SJTA) yard were loading up trucks and getting ready for a busy, snowy day ahead.

“We have approximately 30, 30 plus trucks out there and some contractors assisting us also, so we’re ready to go," said Brandley. "Our salt inventory right now is at about 86-percent [and] we have roughly just under 7,000 tons of salt on hand. So, we’re ready to respond as needed."

They hope drivers will steer clear of the roads if possible.  

“Let the emergency workers do their jobs and get the roads clear so everyone can stay safe," said Brandley. "[Don't] go out there unless you really have to go out there for anything.”

By heeding Brandley's advice, it will make the job of getting the roads as clear as possible and as quick as possible for the SJTA crew. 

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