Gloucester County Crews Prepare Equipment Ahead of Upcoming Storm

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With impending snow coming to much of the South Jersey area, crews are out in several counties preparing roads for the worst.

Gloucester County has the chance of seeing several inches of snow over the next 24 hours.

So crews were gearing up for what should be a busy Wednesday, March 7th.

“The weather forecast keeps changing," said Vincent Voltaggio, director of Public Works and County Engineer for Gloucester County. "I’m hoping on the lower hand like three to six, but we’ll be ready if it’s more.” 

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Normally during a snowstorm, you’d see those little white lines, meaning that the county has brined the roads. However, Voltaggio says you should not be alarmed when you don’t see those this time around.

“It’s going to rain beforehand [and] that would wash the brine away," said Voltaggio. "This storm is going to be handled with plowing and salting in the normal fashion.” 

So instead of doing the normal preparation of brining the roads, they were busy getting equipment in order.

“All equipment, getting all the trucks loaded with the salt, getting all the plows on the trucks making sure everything is in good working order, [making sure] all the lights are working and [they're] ready to go so when you do need to go out you’re just out on the road working,” said Voltaggio, regarding the process of getting things in order to make the streets safe for drivers.

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And thanks to Mother Nature, unfortunately they had a short turn around from the last storm.

“It does make it more difficult," said Voltaggio. "A lot of the time in between is repairing the trucks, getting things that may have broken during a storm fixed, and making sure you have salt on hand and kind of just refilling your cupboards. [Just] making sure you’ve got everything ready to go.”

The county’s 40 trucks are full and ready to cover 410 miles of road when needed and they’re hoping residents will help make the task as easy as possible.

“One - drive a little slower. Make sure you have plenty of stopping distance between you and the car in front of you and if you can stay in," said Voltaggio. "Let us get on the roads and get them cleaned.” 

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