Wildwood Street Flooding During and After the Storm

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This weekend’s nor’easter brought plenty of wind and flooding into Cape May County.

With damages to buildings and water drenched streets, residents are continuing to see the results.

“They always say don’t buy a used car from a shore town,” said Fred Uhlman, manager at No Bones Bait and Tackle Shop. “[It's because] they’ve had salt water baths.”

Although the nor’easter from this weekend has taken over an entire parking lot, drivers are still going right through the water onto Rio Grande.

[I] had to come in through North Wildwood and that was more of a maze.

With another storm expected to hit this week, a local fisherman tells SNJ Today he’s worried where this water is going to go and what that new storm is going to leave behind.

“Every time we get any kind of a coastal storm — even if it’s not on a moon — we flood out,” said Uhlman.

Right over the George Redding Bridge going into Wildwood sits No Bones Bait and Tackle, a shop that Uhlman runs throughout the year.

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Although the start to fishing season is still about a month away, he has a lot of work to do.

“I have to get over here, check on the equipment,” said Uhlman. “We have a big walk-in freezer. We need power all the time. So I need to come over and check.

"But, it floods out so bad down here that the police will close the bridge.”

The shop had no water damage or flooding coming close, but with bad weather comes closed bridges and streets that are shut down, which makes it hard for employees like Uhlman to get to work.

“[I] had to come in through North Wildwood and that was more of a maze,” said Uhlman. “You had to go up this street [and] down that one. There was so many different streets closed.”

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Now, days after the storm, residents are still dealing with the water.

“It’s rushing over the bulkhead there, it’ll come up through the sewers [and] through any cracks in the parking lot. It just percolates right through,” said Uhlman. 

The avid fisherman says although the nor’easter was mess, it could have been much worse.

“We lucked out on this storm because we had Northwest winds the whole time,” said Uhlman. “If it was Northeast, it would just keep pounding it in.”

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