Rowan University Art Gallery Piece on Exhibit Until it Melts

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A unique ice sculpture was put together Monday morning at Rowan Boulevard in Glassboro in hopes of sparking some interest from those walking by.

“The sculpture itself spells out the word melt and literally it will melt as time goes by, as the temperature rises,” said Mary Salvante, curator, and director at Rowan University Art Gallery.

The idea behind the ice sculpture stems from climate change.

“'Melt' represents pretty much the issue we’re having now of the glacial recession and the melting glaciers ... so it represents that,” said Salvante.

The team at the Rowan University Art Gallery strives to display art dealing with social and political issues.

“The environment, issues around the environment particularly climate change, was one that we wanted to build an exhibition around and programming around,” said Salvante.

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And they thought the sculpture would help add to their current exhibition.

“It’s a way for us to be more engaged with the community, outside of the gallery, to bring this issue to the public," said Salvante. "But also it relates back to an exhibition we’re having in the gallery that opens Thursday, March 8.”

They wanted the experience to get people thinking, but to also make it interactive. So they incorporated tiny little figures in the base of the sculpture to do just that.

“Military toys, we felt, on one level they’re toys, so they’re accessible and are something that you play with," said Salvante. "But beneath that is just a suggestion of what will happen globally as our resources become more scarce."

So as the piece begins to actually melt people can take those toys home with them along with some interest in the cause.

“Hopefully it will have them pause and take a moment to reflect on this issue," said Salvante. "And perhaps become even an activist in support of legislation that will change the course of the situation that we’re in right now."

The sculpture will be on display until it melts, but the exhibition at the gallery on High Street runs through Saturday, April 21.

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