Glassboro Students Solve Everyday Problems by Exploring Engineering

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National Engineers Week is coming to an end and students at one local elementary school spent the day exploring what the field is all about.

On Friday, February 23rd, the Thomas E. Bowe School in Glassboro gave their 4th through 6th graders a chance to put down their textbooks for some hands-on learning while working on a variety of engineering experiments.

Students even got to learn how it's done from Rowan alumnus and Lockheed Martin engineer Anthony Marino, who says inspiring young minds to pursue a career in engineering is key to reaching more technological advancements in the future.

"Quite frankly we're going to need more engineers as technology just increases within our lifetime and their lifetimes," says Marino.

"They're the ones that are going to be solving the next engineering challenges so to be able to expose them [and] get them excited about it [will] hopefully increase that talent pipeline down the future."

The young engineers also got the chance to work alongside current Rowan students to solve everyday problems with the help of science.

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