5-Year-Old Star Golfer Proves Age Just a Number

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A Cumberland County golf star has his eyes set on the PGA Tour, but still has a little bit more growing up to do.

Five-year-old Trebor Melendez, of Vineland, recently won first place in a regional tournament and is now preparing for his next step.

“You take a deep breath, look at the target where you want to aim,” said Melendez, explaining his secret to success. “And then you go up to your ball, take practice swings, and then get ready and hit the ball.”

Melendez has been playing golf as long as he's been able to walk.

“I started when I was two, maybe one,” said Melendez.

His father, another golf fan, exposed his son to the sport at a young age and something about the game just stuck.

“He has a passion for it as well, so he just started picking up clubs,” said Robert Melendez, Trebor’s father. “I started buying him little clubs and it took off from there.”

“I like the angles of it, and I like the chipping and putting green.

Fast forward to a couple of years later, and the younger Melendez is swinging and hitting his way to victory.

“I can play at home,” said Trebor. “I can play chipping. I can go down in the basement and play.”

The five-year-old star just got back from a regional tournament in Arizona, competing against kids from around the country in a two day, 18 hole competition.

The score of par was 36. He scored 41 on the first day, and a minus four on the second day, which helped him win the title and the trophy.

“It feels good to practice and play my first tournament and I played very well,” said Trebor.

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Because of his ranking, Melendez was invited to compete in the U.S. Kids World Championship, which takes place this summer in North Carolina.

However, out of all of the courses he’s played on, his favorite place to score a hole-in-one is right here in South Jersey at the Buena Vista Country Club.

“I like the angles of it and I like the chipping and putting green,” said Trebor. “I like where the fairways are, and it’s a beautiful course.”

The Buena Vista Country Club sees golfers of all ages and skill, but it’s the home course for Melendez.

When he’s not learning on the green, he’s showing others what he’s got.

“He actually teaches me a lot,” said Robert.

With his goals set high, the little guy is hoping for a bright future in the game of golf.

“I want to go to [the] PGA Tour,” said Trebor.

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