Nonprofits Working Together to End Fight Against Hunger

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Vetri Community Partnership (VCP) chefs stood alongside the Hunger Relief Organization, Philabundance, and St. John's Baptist Church volunteers Tuesday morning in Camden to help distribute nutritious foods to those in need and hand out recipes to go along with them.

The Philadelphia nonprofits are working together to end the fight against hunger.

“Food access is a huge issue in Camden, in Philadelphia, in a lot of places," said Mobile Kitchen instructor and chef Julie Harris.

"Both access about healthy, fresh foods, and then education about how to prepare them and how to work them into your life. If you’re really busy it’s easier to just open a bag or take something out of the freezer and put it in the microwave or pick something at McDonald's then it is sometimes to get fresh fruits and veggies, and keep them fresh in your fridge and prepare them from scratch.”

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VCP is using their Mobile Teaching Kitchen to contribute toward eliminating this issue.

The Mobile Teaching Kitchen makes stops at different food distribution sites, schools, and other places where they can promote healthy living and healthy eating.

Mobile Kitchen instructors prepare sample meals that can be made right from the fresh ingredients provided by groups like Philabundance, other food distribution sites, or in stores.

On a typical day, many people line up in front of the truck to watch the instructors, learn about recipes and discuss healthy living. On days where it may be too cold or when the weather plays a factor, they take the instruction inside.

This morning, their table was filled with different ingredients used to make a mini veggie lettuce wrap. Harris said it was to show people that they don't always need to make a salad with their lettuce. Harris also said that many people don't realize how easy some recipes are.

“It surprises people that it’s something that they can make at home," said Harris.

To learn more about the Mobile Teaching Kitchen, VCP or Philabundance, visit their websites.

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