Hometown Heroes 2018: Rev. Dr. Benjamin Ocasio Sr.

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CUMBERLAND COUNTY, N.J.—Rev. Dr. Benjamin Ocasio Sr. is the senior pastor of the Rock of Salvation Church in Vineland. Ocasio is involved within his community. He is a collaborator with the Broaden Your Horizons Youth Program in Vineland, Advisory Board for Cumberland County law enforcement and radio program “Conversando con el Pueblo” every Friday.

He and wife Naomi started a Christian block party on Grape Street in Vineland that has been very successful. In 2003, he was elected the grand marshal of the Puerto Rican Festival of Vineland. He was a member of the Vineland Early Childhood Advisory Council, New Jersey Cuidado Casero Hospice and member of the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Traffic Safety Task Force.

Rev. Ocasio has received recognition in past decades, and here’s a short list of recent accolades: I Have A Dream Award (2010), Fugitive State Surrender Program New Jersey Southern Region (2012) and Boys & Girls Club Hispanic Heritage Award (2015).

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Hometown Heroes 2018

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