Ocean City Students Sending Love to Troops this Valentine's Day

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Students from the Ocean City School District are putting their artistic abilities to good use as they hope to share love with some very special people this Valentine’s Day.

“We gather Valentines from all three buildings in our school district [and] the students make the Valentines,” said Joan Vicari, librarian at Ocean City High School.

Each year, for the past 13 years, the students from the district put a little extra TLC into making these cards.

“Every [card] is handmade with a message from each of our students," said Vicari. "They use the doilies and colored paper and colored pencils and scraps of fabric and whatever they have. They put each one as a unique thank you and a Happy Valentine’s wish.” 

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The students and staff hope the cards will serve as a personal reminder of how much the military means to everyone they're fighting for back home.

“It makes our students aware of those who are working hard and facing the daily requirements of being a military person stationed so far from home,” said Vicari.

Just last year, four former Ocean City High School students received these homemade cards while serving in the National Guard and Army.

“We just believe in our hearts that we can make a difference in this world by just making their day,” said Marguas Gray, a 10th grader at the high school.

“It makes me so appreciative of everything we have and [it's] just a small way of saying 'thank you' to those serving,” said Vicari.

And these pieces of art aren’t the only things coming their way.

“We have boxes full of socks, microwavable meals, chocolate candies, and all sorts of treats and items for the troops,” said Vicari.

The district’s former record was 1,901 cards made, but they surpassed it by making close to 2,200 cards this year.

“We want to send our love from South Jersey, especially from Ocean City, N.J. to all of those serving our country,” said Vicari. 

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