Bridgeton's Salvation Army Serving up More than Breakfast for Needy

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On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, the Salvation Army of Bridgeton hosts a Drop-In Breakfast program to feed those in need.

“I like to interact [and] intermingle with the people,” said Alberta Frazier, who’s been a volunteer at Bridgeton’s Salvation Army for the past four years. “They’re grateful ... thanking you, so I like that. I love helping people, so that’s the main reason why I come.”

Three days a week, volunteers such as Frazier donate their time to help serve the underprivileged in the Greater Bridgeton area with the Salvation Army.

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“We come in, we put the oven on,” said Frazier. “We have to prepare the sandwiches by rewarming them, putting them on trays, and passing them out to the customers as they come in.”

They have a friend, they have somebody, they have a place they can come.

Thanks to the generosity of local businesses, including Wawa and Terrigno’s bakery, the volunteers are able to provide the most important meal of the day to those who need it most.

“We always look for opportunities to serve the community better,” said Lt. Sergo Lalanne, one of the commanding officers with the Salvation Army of Bridgeton. 

The Salvation Army hands out the donated goods to local homeless and low-income families.

However, the commanding officer says they’re serving up more than just breakfast.

“My favorite part is when I meet somebody, you know, they come into the door, and they know we are here to receive them," said Lt. Lalanne. "And when they leave, they leave with a wonderful experience that their physical needs are met, but also they have a friend, they have somebody, they have a place they can come.”

The commanding officers make it a point to greet every person who walks through the door, to provide them with services that go past conquering hunger.

“Not only do they come in and grab their breakfast and leave the facility, they sit down,” said Lt. Lalanne. “So my wife and I, we go around and shake hands and talk to them, and if there [are] any other needs that we know or we’re aware of, we sometimes refer them to whatever agency that can provide that service to them.”

The Drop-In program serves about 150 people every week.

Although they only hand out food for two hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the Salvation Army strives on building relationships beyond breakfast.

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