Students Teach Students Their Native Tongues at Stockton Event

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A South Jersey university is showcasing diversity in the community through conversations.

Stockton University gave students and area residents a chance to learn and speak new languages from members of the community who know them best at the Stockton Thursday Conversations event.

Dozens of Stockton students participated in the event setting up "Language Table" lessons to teach fellow students their native languages and cultures.

Officials say the event is a fun way to teach new languages in a friendly environment while allowing students to show off the pride they have for their heritage.

"I feel that for those language learners, [there is] the impression that language is not [as] difficult as we thought," said Dr. Jiangyuan Zhou, internationalization specialist at Stockton University.

Participants in the event this year include students who speak Mandarin, French, German, and American Sign Language.

There is also a student teaching English to non-native English speakers, and a student teaching others how to read Braille.

"Stockton Thursday Conversations" will continue every Thursday through April 19th. 

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