Gloucester County Church to Hold 'Night to Shine' Prom

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On Friday, February 9th, the Calvary Chapel of Gloucester County will join hundreds of churches from around the world to give thousands of people with special needs a night they’ll never forget.

“It’s an exciting adventure, to say the least," said pastor Gary Clark, the senior pastor at Calvary Chapel of Gloucester County. "We’re going to open our doors. We’re going to transform our sanctuary into a beautiful, beautiful hall for the evening.”

For this pastor, bringing a night like this to his church was a personal mission.

“My wife and I have a daughter, our youngest daughter, Alethea, who’s just the light of our life, she was born with Down syndrome," said Clark. "So, we just have a natural inclination to working with people with special needs.”

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And she’s ready to sparkle at the Night to Shine prom, created by the Tim Tebow Foundation.

“Oh yeah she’s got her prom dress and she is ready," said Clark. "She knows she’ll be dancing with me for a little bit, so she’s excited.”

His daughter will be one of 120 people who will be treated like a star for the event at the Turnersville church.

We’re just trying to make this night so special. We have a whole line of paparazzi that are going to show up with cameras to take pictures.

“Dresses, tuxes, rides in Bentleys and limos, we have police escorts," said Clark. "We’re just trying to make this night so special. We have a whole line of paparazzi that are going to show up with cameras to take pictures.”

And at the end of the night, every single one of the prom-goers will be crowned king or queen.

“We want these people to feel just like this is the greatest night," said Clark. "We want them to feel that this is just for them; this is a special night for them.”

The night wouldn’t have been possible without the outpouring of support from the community.

“It’s been such a tremendous thrill and ride," said Clark. "We have 120-plus going. On top of that we have over 300 of our congregation and people outside of our congregation that are going to be volunteering to help.”

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