Landis Theater Named as One of 25 Must-See Structures in New Jersey

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The Landis Theater has been selected by USA Today Travel and the American Institute of Architects (AIA) as one of the top 25 structures visitors to New Jersey should definitely see.  

Other buildings that made the list included the Asbury Park Convention Hall & Casino; the Hoboken Terminal; the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark, and the RCA Victor Building in Camden.  

All New Jersey- featured buildings were selected by the AIA NJ Public Awareness Committee.

According to the AIA recognition, "The Landis Theater is one of the finest works of Art Moderne architecture in New Jersey. The building was designed by William Lee, AIA, for Eugene Mori in 1938. Lee was a Philadelphia architect who designed many theaters and public buildings in the Delaware Valley including the Lansdowne and Sedgewick Theaters near Philadelphia, and Mitten Memorial Hall at Temple University."

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The AIA recognition goes on to say: "The streamlined design was executed in buff brick with cast stone, black Carrera glass, stainless steel, and glass block. The theater entrance has curved walls, which are reflected in the semicircular marquee. The marquee incorporates metal panels, stainless steel moldings, and neon strip lighting.

The 'Landis' sign is made of bent metal, which is an intrinsic part of the marquee design. The original circular metal and glass ticket booth remains beneath the marquee. The adjacent Mori Building is a commercial building constructed of the same brick detailing as the theater and was conceived as part of the complex. One of the most playful and theatrical buildings in New Jersey."

"It is truly an honor for the Landis Theater to be included with this iconic list of buildings throughout the state of New Jersey," said Mayor Anthony Fanucci.  

Celebrating 80 Years of Landis Theater

"In addition to its architectural significance, the theater is a wonderful venue to see a show.  Visitors will find it comfortable and inviting with aisles that are easy to traverse, plenty of legroom, and a great view from every seat. The unique intimacy creates a feeling of almost being on stage while a performance is happening; audiences appreciate this up close experience.

"If you haven't been to an event, take the opportunity to visit and help support this community treasurer."

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