Eagle-Cam Gives Bird's-Eye View to Nesting Pair

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They say birds of a feather flock together, and, well, following the big Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl win, a pair of actual eagles are getting comfy and settling down right here in South Jersey.

“It’s really a celebration of the most majestic bird in the United States, some would say in the world that has returned to New Jersey,” said Eric Stiles, president and CEO at New Jersey Audubon.

For years seeing a bald eagle was a rare sight in the Garden State, but now you can spot over 175 pairs of the species.

“New Jersey Audubon is looking for innovative ways, constantly looking for the best practices to connect people with birds, wildlife and nature in New Jersey,” said Stiles.

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New Jersey Audubon and Public Service Electric & Gas Company, PSE&G, are teaming up to give you a bird’s eye view of one pair that have started making themselves at home in Salem.

“What’s amazing in the past you had to be one of the lucky people who knew where a nest was and having special equipment to see them," said Stiles. "But now the millions of kids in new jersey can enjoy, families and adults can enjoy watching bald eagles lives.”

“So, if you’re in a biology class, the STEM fields, regardless if you’re a girl or a boy it can really help contribute to your own learning,” said Stiles.

Funding for the Eagle Cam came from a PES&G Foundation grant.

“These pair of eagles have decided to nest on a transmission tower," said Stiles. "So, it makes mounting the power, solar panels and the transmission much easier to do then if they were nesting in a tree. Plus, PSE&G is committed to environmental education in New Jersey, so it was a really good fit.”

A good fit that will benefit fans of both football and wildlife.

“After last night’s celebration of the Super Bowl, the timing is everything," said Stiles. "All I can say is Go Eagles.”

And just like that Super Bowl victory, this pair can be enjoyed for days to come. 

People from all over can get a glimpse of the pair at NJAudubon.org.

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