Letter: Effective South Jersey Representation Needed Now

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South Jersey hasn't had a representative on the NJ State Council on the Arts (NJSCA) for SEVEN YEARS & considering our last representative missed 60% of the meetings it's been more like ten years since we've had effective representation. Effective is a key word here. You may not think this affects you, but it does.

THREE YEARS ago I was asked to find a viable candidate. After a few months of searching I recommended Cheryl Broschard, director of AtlantiCare's Healing Arts Program. One of the criteria is the first representative has to be from Atlantic County, she is, born & raised. She is qualified in so many ways.

We obviously need more than one representative & from different Counties.That will happen.

Our last Governor sat on this for three years. Now we have to contact a few more politicians to be sure we get effective representation. With a new Governor the time is now. We have a candidate who is professional, deals with artists & wants to support them. Someone who can deal with the system but not cave into it. Someone with common sense. Trust me, Cheryl is the real deal & we need real representation on the Council, not just anyone on the Council.

As the creative director of ArtC I do get around South Jersey, I talk with lots of people in the arts. Cheryl would really help us. There are too many people who look good at first glance then turn out to be a bad fit. Cheryl certainly doesn’t share my opinions on a lot of things but I trust her judgement, common sense & integrity. So do many, many others. She has lots of support. She values all the arts & is anxious to learn more.

Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo is having a meeting later this week to discuss a representative. We really need you to call or email him to support Cheryl...soon.
His number is 609 383-1388. We will also need to contact Senator Chris Brown. His number is 609 677-8266. And of course the new Governor. His number is 609 292-6000

Thanks for listening.

— Bill Horin, ArtC 

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