Vineland Women's Club Collects Bras to 'Free The Girls'

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The Women’s Club of Vineland has been around since 1899.

“We’re an organization that loves to do things for our community, to help make it a better place to live,” said Norene Ritter, president of the Women’s Club of Vineland.

The Women’s Club of Vineland is always looking for ways to help out people in need, but its current project will help people far beyond Cumberland County.

“About four years ago I got this little blurb — we get these little things from national and New Jersey’s women’s clubs — telling you things that you could do like helping out UNICEF or helping out Heifer International," said Ritter. "And one of them said that we could collect bras.”

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Those bras would later go towards Free the Girls, an international non-profit that focuses on helping women in countries such as Mozambique, Uganda and El Salvador gain freedom and escape sex trafficking.

They can sell this stuff for more money than they would make being prostitutes or sex trafficking.

The idea is organizations such as the Women’s Club of Vineland collect bras to be sent to those women overseas.

“They can sell this stuff for more money than they would make being prostitutes or sex trafficking," said Ritter. "They can make up to five times more money, in their community, then they would doing prostitution.” 

So far this year’s collection numbers have reached into the hundreds, for both bras and monetary donations.

“So many people have found out about it," said Ritter. "Now I have people calling me up from Egg Harbor City saying they have bras. This year a young lady down in Delaware collected 94 bras and brought them to me.” 

This project, one of many the club takes part in, has brought the community together for a bigger purpose.

“It’s just wonderful. It just makes you feel that the whole world is helping out," said Ritter. "We’re all trying to help each other now. And it is just wonderful. You should see more about what the people do that is good then all the bad things that go on.”

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