Hidden Sands, South Jersey's Newest Brewing Company, to Open Friday in E.H.T.

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A stone's throw away from both the Garden State Parkway and Atlantic City Expressway stands South Jersey’s newest brewing company.

“We’re here for the long term,” said John Cipriani, one of the managing members of Hidden Sands Brewing Company, in Egg Harbor Township. “We do not have to move down the road. As we grow, we can grow into this building.”

The three managing members have been putting their heads together over the last few months to launch the Hidden Sands Brewing Company.

Ingredients are very important to us and the largest ingredient in beer is water.

With their grand opening slated for Friday, January 12th, their long-time vision is finally brewing to life.

“I was in this building with a previous business and that’s when the idea came to me," said Matt Helm, another managing member. "After the legislation passed that this building would be a good place for a brewery.”

With the beverage industry booming here in the southern part of New Jersey, many breweries try and find a way to make them stand out.

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At Hidden Sands, the managers said that it’s their pristine water that makes them different.

“Ingredients are very important to us and the largest ingredient in beer is water,” said Cipriani.

“A lot of breweries just use whatever water supply is connected to their building and they will treat or filter that as needed,” said Helm. “We were fortunate enough to go the depth of the 800-foot sands, which we had to drill 650 feet to get to.”

The aquifer they tap into is located in the Pine Barrens, below portions of Atlantic, Cape, and Burlington counties.

All of the beer, water and ice for the bar is sourced directly from there.

“The water quality is such that the brewer is able to work with it fine,” said Helm.

“I mean, we’re from South Jersey,” said Cipriani. “We are all born [and] raised here in South Jersey, and we want to use South Jersey fresh. It’s kind of key to us.”

From a cranberry plum mix to a series of sours, the company’s brewmaster will have 11 beers on tap ready to go this weekend, all with a taste of South Jersey.

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