Winter Weather Bringing More People to Medical Centers

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The winter season has been taking its toll on many in South Jersey, with hospitals in the area seeing a surge in patients.

Officials with Atlanticare Regional Medical Center say their hospitals and urgent care centers have been seeing more patients than usual thanks to the severe weather conditions affecting the area over the past two weeks.

Atlanticare's Atlantic City and Mainland campuses have been fielding patients for a variety of reasons, including weather-related injuries and illnesses such as heart attacks from shoveling and injuries from slips and falls.

Another big concern this season is the flu, and doctors have tips to keep everyone safe and healthy.

"We encourage the community to be educated about the flu," said Dr. Manish Trivedi, chair of infectious diseases of Atlanticare. "To wash your hands to prevent the spread of the germs, covering your mouth when you sneeze, and also being vigilant about your health. Making sure that if you are ill to take the appropriate precautions of staying home, not exposing other patients or people to it. It's important to keep our communities safe that way."

Officials recommend that if you aren't feeling well to visit your primary care doctor, an Atlanticare urgent care center, or, if necessary, the emergency room to avoid having your condition worsen.

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