DEA's 360 Strategy to Combat Heroin, Opioid Crisis in New Jersey

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State and local officials met in Camden to discuss a new program aimed at helping to bring an end to the heroin and opioid crisis in New Jersey.

On Tuesday, January 9th, the Drug Enforcement Administration-New Jersey Division held a press conference to officially kick off its new 360 Strategy for South Jersey.

The goal of the program is to stop the deadly cycle of opioid misuse and heroin abuse by putting an end to the distribution of such drugs on the streets while also continuing to raise education about addiction.

"If you feel there could be a problem, go with what your gut instinct tells you," said Charlene Mascott, recovery coach at City of Angels NJ. "If you think there's a problem there most likely is. The time to learn what to do is not when you find out that your child has overdosed or even when your child is an addict."

The DEA's 360 Strategy takes an innovative three-pronged approach to combating heroin and opioid use through law enforcement actions, diversion control, and community outreach.

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