Popular Mantua Twp. Hill Packed Thanks to Friday Snow Day

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As South Jersey works to dig out from Thursday's blizzard, dozens of school districts stayed closed on Friday, January 5th.

The below freezing temperatures didn’t stop kids of all ages from grabbing their best sleds and flying down the slippery hills of South Jersey.

“My son wanted to come again, he was here yesterday,” said Mary Porter of Mantua Twp. “They’re early risers, so we got up, and we got to the hill, and I am the biggest ten-year-old here.”

The freezing temperatures plus the packing snow has turned the hills of Chestnut Branch Park into the perfect slopes, where plenty of kids are taking advantage of.

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“We just wanted to go sledding because we haven’t been sledding in a while,” said Ava DeVillava of Pitman.

“It’s really slick and this morning, it’s really fast,” said Porter. “And so, we’ve been having a great time. Just have to be careful and stay covered because it’s so darn cold out this morning.”

The steep hills that line this Mantua Township park is a popular sledding destination for Gloucester County residents.

“Cause it has a big hill, a really big hill,” explained Amanda Wilson of West Deptford. “So you can go a long time.”

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“This is the one we’ve always gone to, it is the best,” said Porter. “I mean, normally in the past, it’s been packed, but if you get here early and you’re able to get down, it is so much fun.”

With plenty of successful runs and a few wipeouts, some expert sledders gave us tips on how to nail the perfect ride.

“Try to have more weight in the front, because then it might go faster,” said Wilson.

And thanks to a four-day weekend because of the six and a half inches of snow, the fun is just beginning.

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