'Harsh, Brutal' Snow Storm Whips through Blueberry Capital of the World

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Winds were so strong in Hammonton Thursday morning, at times whiteout conditions were being experienced there.

But for a town that thrives on its downtown, this weather had it looking like a ghost town.

Hammonton Blizzard 2018 January 4th 2018 “It’s terrible," said Patrick Migliacco of Hammonton. "But we’ll get through it.”

“It’s slippery and up on the sidewalks it’s deep from the wind blowing, it’s deep," said Monica Caromano of Hammonton. "But I like it.”

It’s freezing; it’s crazy!

Nearly all the shops on Bellevue Avenue were closed. Some people ventured out into the storm, but most who did weren’t too happy about it.

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“Oh, it’s brutal," said David Reyes of Hammonton. "It’s bad. People sliding, stuff like that. We try to clean the streets and we can’t because it’s so icy and cold. Look at my beard, all icy and cold.”

“It’s freezing; it’s crazy!” said Ester Hernandez of Hammonton.  

It took us an hour and 20 minutes and we live right up the road. 

"It was kind of hard getting here," said Missy Rodriguez of Hammonton. "Actually it took us an hour and 20 minutes and we live right up the road.”

Several plow trucks made their way down the streets in Hammonton, but the continuous snow made clearing the roads a difficult task.

“Horrible. They’re not plowed at all. It’s slippery,” said Rodriguez.

“You can’t go fast. People are getting stuck in front of you so you have to slow down. It’s just really bad out there,” said Hernandez.

“It’s not as bad as I thought," said Chris Perez of Hammonton. "Some of the roads aren’t plowed yet, but I wouldn’t advise driving out here. But it wasn’t too bad.”

Despite inches of snow falling and sticking in the blueberry capital of the world, it was the wicked winds that made Thursday's conditions to be considered blizzard-like.

“It’s harsh. It goes through you like pins and needles,” said Caromano.

“It’s whipping pretty good," said Graham Littlewood of Hammonton. "Other than that, it’s not too bad to walk in.”

The snow may stop falling, but the wind and cold temperatures seem like they aren’t going anywhere just yet. 

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