Millville Firefighters Practice Frozen Water Rescues

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Lakes and ponds throughout the area have started to freeze over and while they may seem inviting to skate on, officials are reminding residents why that may not be such a good idea.

On Wednesday, January 3rd, members of the Millville Fire Department got to work practicing water rescues at Hankins Pond in the event they ever need to save someone who has fallen through frozen ice.

With freezing conditions continuing this week, a potential snow day looming, and residents looking for ways to have fun, officials want to make sure they know just what to do if they fall through.

"First thing they want to do is call 911 and make sure the first responders are on their way," said Michael Lippincott, chief of the Millville Fire Department.

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"We do not recommend that people go out and try to facilitate a rescue themselves," Lippincott said. "Obviously, if someone has fallen through the ice, we know the ice is thin [and] the last thing we want is more victims going in. There's really no way to tell whether ice is safe or not so we just recommend that people stay off of it."

In the event you ever fall into frozen water remain calm, hold on to the ice around you, and kick your feet to stay float while you wait for help to arrive.

But the best advice to avoid the situation is to simply stay off the ice.

Video: The Dangers of Skating on Thin Ice

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