Atlantic County Prepares for Overnight Snowfall

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Mother Nature isn’t letting up this winter and the eastern part of southern New Jersey appears to be in the crosshairs for the first snowfall of 2018.

Atlantic County salt trucks were backing up as others were picking up salt and loading it on the morning of Wednesday, January 3rd, ahead of the storm expected to hit South Jersey tonight into Thursday, January 4th.

If you don’t have to go out, stay at home.

“The amount of snow that’s going to come is going to be a plowable snow, so we attack that a little bit different then we [did with] the last two storms we’ve had,” said Jay Steinmetz, acting division director for Atlantic County Public Works.

Unlike this past weekend’s weather event, a half of foot of snow could stick to the area that’s currently under a Winter Storm Warning.

“It looks like it’s going to be in the middle of the night, early morning and we want to be ready with a crew at that time,” said Steinmetz.

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The overnight snow may create a tough morning commute, but county officials and crews are making sure they're ready to tackle this storm whenever it comes their way.

“Now we’re brining the areas, the surface roadways," said Steinmetz. "Then we’ll change over and load our trucks with salt and mount the plows.”

At a salt shed in Northfield, they have plenty of salt ready to be loaded onto about 35 trucks that will keep approximately 371 miles of Atlantic County roads safe for drivers.

“If you don’t have to go out, stay at home," said Steinmetz. "If you have to go out, drive sensibly, safe, don’t lose your traction. Stay behind our vehicles. Be considerate of our vehicles out there plowing, salting and brining.”

Now just because the snow is expected to stop Thursday does not mean we are in the clear just yet.

After the storm is over, southern New Jersey is expected to get an arctic blast that will keep temperatures below freezing, making it a good idea to bundle up to face a few bitter days ahead.

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