Good Conditions Mean Picture-Perfect Christmas Trees This Year

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Robert Hamilton, president of Airport Tree Plantation, says that thanks to good weather, and a good season, his trees this year have "good color." 

"We’re happy all the way around,” he says.

That’s what this expert says is the best equation for picture-perfect Christmas trees (good weather and a good growing season), plus giving them eight to 10 years to grow. 

A decade, plus 10 months of preparation time helps the Airport Tree Plantation’s family business thrive during their season.

“With the Christmas trees, you’re just busy for that month, [maybe] two months,” says Hamilton. “And then after that, it’s peace and quiet again.”

People are able to hand pick their Christmas trees from Airport Tree Plantation.Hamilton says his family started growing their Douglas Fir’s and Blue Spruce trees in 1986, and since then, have grown and sold thousands of trees.

“It was like a hobby at first, and then it got bigger and bigger all the time,” says Hamilton.

Hamilton sees the same families every year and is happy to be a part of their yearly tree tradition to prepare for the holidays.

Hamilton says he starts seeing customers around Thanksgiving time. “People are getting their trees earlier and earlier every year," he says.

The staff runs the farm in a “choose-and-cut” style, in which customers can pick any tree, any size for the set price of $45.

The employees help you cut the tree down and bundle it up to take home.

At their other farm in Cedarville — also in Cumberland County — they do have the option of “tagging” trees, although it’s not their favorite.

“We found in the beginning that people were taking the tags off [and taking another customer's] tree," says Hamilton. They’re going to come here thinking the tree is going to be here and it’s not here!”

But at the tree farm in Millville, there are plenty of options, with trees as far as the eye can see.

“We have a lot of trees that don’t go,” says Hamilton. “People don’t want to walk that far back there.”

Small or large, if you’re still looking for that perfect tree, there are about 20,000 at the Airport Tree Plantation in Millville to choose from.

And you’ll be able to take a little piece of South Jersey home for the holidays.

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