50,000 Condoms Donated to South Jersey AIDS Alliance

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A South Jersey native returned to his stomping grounds on Tuesday to make a unique donation to help spread awareness about HIV and AIDS.

On Tuesday, November 28th, former entrepreneur Scott Petinga came back to Atlantic City to donate 50,000 condoms to the South Jersey AIDS Alliance, and spread his message about the importance of men's health.

The donated condoms were from one of Petinga's companies, Rouse Condoms.

Officials with the South Jersey AIDS Alliance say the donation is a great help. 

Petinga says his only hope is that it will encourage protection and education.

"This alleviates a huge burden for us,"  said Georgett Watson, chief operations officer at South Jersey AID Alliance. "It's monies that we can use in other areas."

"I hope the biggest thing is people start to participate in safe sex," said Petinga. "The condoms alleviate both STIs as well as the spread of HIV, but even on top of that stuff, [it's important ] that every male out there is educated, that once a month in the shower they need to start taking care of themselves."

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