Countdown to ‘Coach’: New Tony Surace Doc Premieres Nov. 21

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The film’s director/producer, Kevin Malone, answers 5 questions.

MILLVILLE, NJ — Tony Surace has been a household name in Cumberland County for nearly two decades. While he is primarily known for his role as the football coach of the Millville High School Thunderbolts, his presence in the community stretches far beyond sports. As a freeholder, coach and athletic director, Coach Surace has had a profound impact on everyone that’s had the privilege of meeting him.

Coach: The Life of Tony Surace, a documentary film, will offer a more in-depth perspective on this local legend when it premieres in Millville later this month.

Viewers will get to hear from formers players, family members and even Surace himself. The doc will also reveal some of Surace’s most significant motivations and values within the community he loves.

The premiere event will be held at the Levoy Theatre on High Street in Millville on Tuesday, November 21. Tickets can be purchased at; call 856-327-6400 for more information. We sat down with Glasstown Productions creative director Kevin Malone — who both directed and produced the SNJ Today documentary.

Tony Surace SNJ Today Poster Documentary Levoy Who is Tony Surace?

Tony Surace is a Millville icon. He was the Millville football coach and baseball coach for more than two decades and has inspired hundreds and hundreds of Millville citizens throughout his life. He is a community stalwart who loves his family, sports, and his community. He is a role model to many, including me.

What does he mean to his community?

Tony, although he moved here from PA in the early 1970s, has dedicated his life to serving the students and people of Millville. His coaching and teaching record is phenomenal, as evidenced by his accolades, but even to this day he dedicates so much of his time to the city and its residents. He bleeds orange and blue.

Does he do anything aside from coaching?

Tony has been a teacher, a coach, an Athletic Director, and a freeholder. However, if you ask him, the most important thing to him is his family. He has a wonderful wife named Barbara, two sons who are both college football coaches, and wonderful grandchildren.

Why this project?

This project is very special to me because, although I didn’t attend Millville High School, my grandfather instilled a love of Bolts football into me from a young age. I used to go to games with him and cheer on Tony’s teams. I am honored to have the opportunity to share Tony’s story because I admire Tony a great deal. I have thoroughly enjoyed the moments I was able to spend with him as we produced the film.

What will we learn about Coach Surace in this film?

You will learn his story, but more importantly, you will learn the kind of man he is. He is a genuine, loving, caring, but tough man who cared about every single student he ever had the opportunity to coach. He loves football, he loves his students, he loves his family, and he loves Millville.

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The premiere of the film will be held at the Levoy Theatre on North High Street in Millville on Tuesday, November 21. Tickets are $10 plus fees, DVD bundle $23 plus fees—can be purchased at Call 856-327-6400 for more information.