Four Military Brothers Loyal to Country, Each Other

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For four brothers, the Vineland area has always been called home.

One by one, each of them went off to fight for their country, before coming back to the Cumberland County area and raising families of their own.

On Friday, November 10th, all of them are living out some of the best years of their lives —together.

“To have them, all four there and still living — it’s just a blessing," said Barbara Sheldon of Buena. “I’m blessed every day to have them.”

Family reunions come often for Barbara Sheldon.

All she needs to do is drive over to Vineland Veterans Memorial Home to see both of her parents, her uncles, and her aunts.

 “No, this was never planned. It just happened,” said Barbara Sheldon of Buena. 

Three of the four Massari brothers currently live with their wives at the home, with their fourth brother and his wife as frequent visitors.

“Oh, it’s always nice to see my brothers,” said Willy Massari.  “And we’re all alive.”

The two older brothers, Anthony and Rosario, served in World War II.

With a sister in between them, the two younger brothers, Willy and Frank fought during the Korean War era.

Although they’ve untied their combat boots decades ago, the core four members say they’ve been close since they were kids.

Oh, it’s always nice to see my brothers,” said Willy Massari.  “And we’re all alive!

“Oh yeah…never had a fight,” said Rosario Massari. “And we’re all together again.”

Despite the years that have gone by, their memories remain sharp.

The two younger brothers say they remember the day they received the news that their oldest brother was shot in the arm, later receiving the Purple Heart.

“There was a shot fired…BANG…and it made my ears ring. That’s how close it was,” explained Anthony Massari, a Purple Heart veteran. “So, I moved around the curve, and then the second shot got my arm.”

Nine years old or 90, not much has changed.

“Well, they always pick on me,” said Frank.

All four men remain dedicated to their country and each other.

“It’s good, it’s wonderful,” said Anthony.

Veterans together, brothers forever.

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