A.C. Electric Teams with Gloucester OEM to Prep for Winter

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As winter approaches, the Gloucester County OEM is teaming up with Atlantic City Electric to prepare for the frigid season ahead.

Gloucester County’s Emergency Operations Center is usually full of people monitoring a storm that’s affecting the county. But today those people filled the room to prepare for winter weather that is right around the corner.

“We want to make sure that we’re out here just to let people know to prepare for the winter," said Vince Maione, region president of Atlantic City Electric. "Have a plan in place, know what you’re going to do if the power does go out. we’ll make sure we keep the information flowing to our customers."

Atlantic City Electric has been getting its team prepped and ready for the cold months that lie ahead.

“We have drills with our folks," said Maione. "We let people know what they need to do so everyone knows what the plan is."

The county is working to get everything all set and ready to go.

“We make sure that our resources that would be provided to and in support of our municipal partners are in good working order; specifically, I’m talking about the plow trucks, the vehicles that are used to distribute the brine and the salting solutions that go out in advance of storms or in the aftermath of storms,” said Dennis McNulty, emergency management coordinator for Gloucester County.

“It’s always important for us to kind of gameplay it," said Giuseppe Chila, deputy freeholder director for Gloucester County. "Just like in any business, you have to have a plan in place and to try and anticipate things that may happen in the near future.”

To stay in the loop during future weather events, both Atlantic City Electric and Gloucester County Office of Emergency Management officials are directing residents to download two apps.

“The county app that residents can download for instant information of impending weather and any outages that can occur,” said Chila.

“It’s timely information," said Maione. "We update it periodically and we’ll tell people what’s going on so they can make plans for what they need to do for themselves and their families."

The chilly temps will be here before we know it so both Atlantic City Electric and Gloucester County’s Office of Emergency Management urge everyone to be as prepared as they can be for winter’s arrival.

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