Sweeney Defeats Grenier, Re-Elected to State Senate

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Even with the support of the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA), Republican Fran Grenier couldn’t pull ahead in the 3rd Legislative District Senate race against Democratic incumbent Senator Steve Sweeney on Tuesday, November 7th.

State Senate President Sweeney won with 59 percent of the votes.

A crowd full of local Democrats erupted as Sweeney took the stage Tuesday night to claim victory in the 3rd Legislative District race for State Senate.

“I’m there to try and lead and do the right things and I think it really came through today," said Sweeney.

"I’m very grateful to the voters. It’s a margin I never dreamed of. It was much larger than I’ve ever dreamed."

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The race gained some attention as it broke state records with more than $10 million in spending, $4 million of which came from the NJEA supporting Grenier.

“It was an ugly campaign," said Sweeney. "I was disappointed, it was unnecessary. Teachers are wonderful, wonderful people that do great things in our schools. But their leadership really should be reexamined because they are way off the mark.”

The re-elected senator was joined by fellow Democrats, including Congressman Donald Norcross, to celebrate a victorious night.

There [are] a whole lot of issues that we’ll be able to advance with Phil Murphy as Governor that we couldn’t do with Chris Christie.

“It’s a good night and Steve Sweeney worked hard and it shows that money doesn’t win elections, people do," said Norcross. "Steve had that connection that was very strong with his district. Steve has worked hard not only for his district but all the people in New Jersey."

Sweeney is ready to hit the ground running for this new term in the New Jersey State Senate with the newly elected Democratic governor Phil Murphy.

“Minimum wage, expansion of paid family leave, sick leave, pay equity," said Norcross. "There [are] a whole lot of issues that we’ll be able to advance with Phil Murphy as Governor that we couldn’t do with Chris Christie. We’re going to show New Jersey is a modern state that’s going to advance things that are actually going to make a difference in people’s lives and really change people’s lives. It’s important for me to make sure that people on the lower end of the income spectrum get a raise."

The veteran senator may have won the seat for the 3rd Legislative District, but he still needs to be voted in to serve as State Senate President once again.

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