Guardian Concedes Defeat; Gilliam Wins Atlantic City Mayoral Race

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In Atlantic City’s Mayoral race, current Republican Mayor Don Guardian lost in his attempt to be reelected to a second term.

Instead, the city's voters went with Democratic Councilman Frank Gilliam as their Mayor-elect.

“Thank you Atlantic City for giving me the opportunity to represent you,” said Frank Gilliam, Mayor-elect of Atlantic City.  “I promise you, I won’t fail you.”

Numbers were tight throughout the night, but A.C. City Councilman Frank Gilliam came out on top, winning 48 percent of votes to current Mayor Don Guardian’s 47 percent.

“I’m humbled," said Gilliam. "I realize that this is a big step for us all, and we’re going to make sure that we can do everything we possibly can that Atlantic City and the folks of Atlantic City are taken care of.”

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Born and raised in Atlantic City, Gilliam says he never had intentions to get into politics when he was younger.

We need folks to understand that Atlantic City is a breeding ground for opportunities.

With eight years of experience on City Council, the Mayor-elect says he wants to show outsiders the possibilities the city can offer.

“We need to develop,” said Gilliam. “We need folks to understand that Atlantic City is a breeding ground for opportunities.”

Amid the crowds and excitement, after results started to come out, Guardian called Gilliam to concede defeat.

“There’s no pointing fingers; we ran a great campaign,” said Guardian, of Atlantic City. “We did everything we could to get reelected, we just didn’t succeed in that effort.”

With New Jersey Congressman Frank LoBiondo announcing he won’t be seeking re-election next year, Guardian says running for the seat is on his mind.

“I always thought that was a great opportunity," said Guardian. "I thought after another four years as Mayor I’d have that opportunity, but if that comes about, it’s certainly of interest to me.”

Despite the cards he was dealt during his time as Mayor, Guardian says he’s happy with what he accomplished in the last four years to move Atlantic City forward, and he’ll do his best to help Gilliam’s team.

“I need to do everything I can to make the transition as smooth as possible for our Mayor-elect,” said Guardian. “I’m pledging to do that.”

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