Grenier Faces Sweeney in 3rd District Senate Race

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The 3rd Legislative District State Senate race has gained some major attention as its breaking state records when it comes to campaign spending.

According to the Election Law Enforcement Commission, the race has included more than $10 million in spending. Of that amount, $4 million comes from the New Jersey Education Association aiming to take Democratic Incumbent Senator Steve Sweeney out office.

SNJ Today spoke with both candidates to find out what they plan on doing for South Jersey if elected.

Republican Fran Grenier takes on Democratic Incumbent Sen. Steve Sweeney for the State Senate seat in the 3rd Legislative District.

Grenier may be a newcomer in this race, but he’s been involved in local politics in Salem County for a number of years.

“What made me want to get into this Senate race was for the last 15 years or so I’ve seen no property tax relief coming from Trenton, hollow promises and a loss of economic opportunities for businesses,” said Grenier.

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The Republican chairman of Salem County received an endorsement from the largest teachers’ union in the state and if elected he hopes to bring some fresh ideas to the table.

In terms of education funding, Grenier says he wants to: "Turn that around and get our fair share back down in here. Providing more economic incentives for businesses to come to New Jersey and for businesses to grow."

His opponent and the incumbent of the seat since 2002 got his start in politics after his daughter was born with Down Syndrome.

“I didn’t like the way people with disabilities were treated or looked at," said Sweeney. "So, a lot of times people say if you don’t like something, do something about it. I did."

Sweeney highlighted some of the changes since he became a Senator including the creation of a port in Paulsboro, the growth of Rowan University and creating schools for children with special needs.

Still, Sweeney believes there’s still work left to be done.

“Most importantly it’s finding ways to get people back to work and improving the quality of life,” said Sweeney.

Both men plan on taking a stand and being a voice for what many residents say is a neglected part of the state when it comes to state politics — South Jersey.

“I plan on putting all my efforts in fighting for getting our residents the fair share that they’re entitled too,” said Grenier.

“I will fight like hell for what I believe in and I believe in people," said Sweeney. "I believe in the people of South Jersey. I believe in the people of the state of New Jersey. I’m a fighter and I’m going to do right by them."

Follow the race tonight with SNJ Today as one of these two men earn the title of State Senator for the 3rd Legislative District.

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