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The country duo plays a special acoustic show at  The Levoy this Saturday, Nov. 11. 

The country duo Thompson Square will perform at the Levoy Theatre in Millville on Saturday, November 11, at 8 p.m. Thompson Square won the Vocal Duo of the Year from both the Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association in 2012 and won the award again in 2013 from the AMA. 

Since the duo and its record label parted ways, Thompson Square has begun a new musical journey. The husband-wife duo is currently on an acoustic tour in the Northeast. The intimate tour — This Is Us — features music from the duo’s music library, including covers and music from a new album to be released in 2018.

Keifer Thompson — half of the duo with his wife Shawna — spoke to SNJ Today about the tour, the band going independent music group, and more.

-Tell me about the tour, I know this is different than the usual tour. 

The tour is called This is Us, and this is the first time we have ever done this. We saw an opportunity in the calendar to set aside an acoustic tour; there are a lot of cool theaters and intimate places up in the Northeast so we picked that as the area where we wanted to focus on, the first leg of it.

-How do you and Shawna plan on making this acoustic tour different than your other tours?

It’s just me and Shawna and a guitar. A small set, it’s going to be conversational, kinda loose, and it’s not going to be the same every night. Based on the crowd, it’s going to be different. Obviously, we will play the hits and we have our third album in 2018, so we’ll play new music that no one has heard except for you guys. Some cool covers, telling some jokes, and laughing, there will be some serious moments, too,  I’m sure, but it’s just not going to be very typical. It’s going to be very cool to just strip [the music] down.

-Earlier you said a lot has changed regarding Thompson Square. Can you tell me more about that?

We just recently changed a lot of stuff in our life. We are operating on our own terms now. So as soon as we got out of our [record contract] we hadn’t been able to put out an album in almost four years. Since we got out we went to work, we hired Nathan Chapman and we produced the [new] record with him. It is by far the best record we have ever put out.

-Why do you think this is the best record you’ve put out?

I think solely just because there is a freedom associated with us right now. We are literally making all of the decisions and we can pick what songs we want to do and how to do them, and not have to answer to anybody. It’s good and bad, but right now we are enjoying the freedom, the creative freedom I should say.

-What’s the difference between recording with a record company and recording independently?

You have to pay for everything! (Laughs.) That’s the main thing, but obviously, you don’t have distribution and you don’t have the terrestrial radio partnerships that you normally would. But in today’s world, you don’t absolutely have to have that. We’ve been blessed with a great foundation and a great career. So it’s not like we are starting over in that regard, but starting over in other ways.

It’s exciting. I think you have to fail to see what you are made of. The last few singles in conjunction with the label haven’t worked and we just felt like if we weren’t going to work there, we can find another place that has the passion for Thompson Square that we are needing, that wants to work for us and work hard with us.

Visit levoy.net for tickets. To keep up with Thompson Square visit their website thompsonsquare.com or visit them on Facebook: facebook.com/thompsonsquare.

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