AAA Encourages Drivers to Stay Alert, Especially in November

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Leaves are changing color and clocks are being set back.

It feels like fall.

“Now the weather is not what you’re used to, so you could have early morning glare when you’re driving to work, or you could be driving home in darkness when you’re not used to it,” said Rich Bradley, public affairs specialist for AAA South Jersey. 

With this weekend’s extra hour added into our schedule thanks to Daylight Saving Time, the roads tend to look a little different. 

But statistics show more people are affected when we change our clocks to ‘spring ahead.’

”We see more trouble in the spring, because people lose that hour of sleep, you’re up earlier, and you’re disoriented a little bit with the sun, and the evening hours,” said Bradley.

Daylight Saving Time ending kicks off the month of November, throwing drivers out of their normal routine.

Statistically, this month is a dangerous one on the road with an average of 50 more deaths from traffic crashes during Thanksgiving week than any other week of the year, according to the University of Alabama Center for Advanced Public Safety.

Relax, drive carefully, pay attention to the road.

“Obviously, Thanksgiving Eve, a lot of people are trying to either get home or to their relatives,” said Bradley. “It’s one of the bigger nights for people coming home from college to go out with their friends.”

More cars on the road for Thanksgiving and Black Friday means more chances for accidents.

“Just take a deep breath,” said Bradley. “Relax. You’re going to get there, you may not get there at the time you may get there. You might not make the sale you want to get. But relax, drive carefully, pay attention to the road.”

Although all three of these days happen to fall in November, Bradley advises all drivers to be mindful of the road, no matter the time of year.

“Just be aware of what’s going on, because sometimes it’s not you,” said Bradley. “It’s the guy behind you, it’s the guy next to you, it’s the guy coming at you. So definitely just have to be aware of your surroundings, be aware of what else is on the road that day.”

With extra or less sleep, around the holidays, or doing your day to day activities, always keep an eye on the roadways.

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