Breast Cancer Survivor's Donations Provide Warmth to Inspira Patients

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month may be in October, but one local survivor’s donation will be used by radiation patients for years to come.

Radiation is the end of the road for most women putting up a tough fight against breast cancer.

“They’ve come a long way," said Ruth Ann Bishop-Stoak, a certified breast care nurse at Inspira Health Network. "They’ve had surgery, they’ve had chemotherapy, and then they have like six weeks of radiation."

And during radiation treatments, the women wear a one-size-fits-all hospital gown.

“They’re sad, they’re drabby," said Patti Coombs, who’s currently undergoing radiation treatment at Inspira Health Network.

"You put it on, you know you’re sick. It makes you feel like you’re in a hospital room to stay.”

But, while Brooke Boone was going through her breast cancer journey at Inspira  she was gifted a Radiant Wrap.

“To put something on that’s comfortable and pretty," said Boone. 

"It just makes you feel more like yourself, which is a great feeling when you’ve lost your hair, you’ve possibly lost your breasts, you’re going through so many emotions and it just feels good to put something on and feel good."

“They are beautiful and it makes them feel confident and secure,” said Bishop-Stoak.

Boone’s son attends Quinton Township School, where the staff there raised $300, and she knew exactly what to do with that money.

“I decided that the best thing would be to buy some Radiant Wraps and donate them to the Radiation Oncology building here and have the women wear them and then we can reuse them,” said Boone.

Coombs is the first patient to have a chance to use the generous donation.

“I don’t feel like I’m coming in here for treatment," said Coombs.

"I feel like it’s just something comfortable, it’s fashionable, it’s pretty, it’s soft and it just makes me feel better about myself."

“She looks beautiful," said Boone.

"I think she looks really great. I forgot what they looked like and she looks really wonderful in it."

The ten Radiant Wraps will be washed and reused to help serve many women going through the tough fight that is breast cancer for years to come at Inspira Health Network.

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