WOW Mobile to Deliver Healthcare to South Jersey Residents

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Three local organizations are teaming up to bring medical and dental services directly to people who need it most in South Jersey.

with their new WOW mobile.  

CompleteCare Health Network, the Gateway Community Action Partnership and Inspira Health Network are joining forces to make healthcare easy for people in the community with the new Wellness on Wheels initiative. 

“Because our area is so challenged [from a transportation standpoint], it’s important that we go out and meet the people where they are,” said Bridgeton Mayor Albert Kelly, president and CEO of the Gateway Community Action Partnership. 

We can go directly to them now. It’s all about accessibility to us, that’s our mission.

Each agency put up $75,000 to help pay for the cost of the new vehicle they call "WOW," which stands for Wellness on Wheels. 

“We were able to develop a partnership with Inspira and CompleteCare to have a way of bettering the health of our citizens in Cumberland, Salem and Gloucester counties,” said Kelly. 

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A Toothmobile had been making the rounds previously, but that unit focused solely on the community's dental needs. 

“When we looked at this as an opportunity to upgrade the 21-year-old van that we were using, it made a lot of sense for us to help our community,” said John DiAngelo, president and CEO of Inspira Health Network. 

“What this provides us to do is upgrade to add medical services, besides just dental, and go out to some of those hard-to-reach areas," said James Edwards, president and CEO of CompleteCare Health Network.

"Now we can go directly to them.” 

WOW Mobile Gateway Inspira CompleteCare 2017 The WOW 31-foot-long motor home accepts all insurances and was customized to have all the bells and whistles needed to properly care for patients seeking all sorts of medical or dental attention. 

“We feel that if in fact we can’t take care of the people — the kids that need this help — it’s just going to deteriorate," said DiAngelo. "And they’ll end up in our ERs in much worse shape than they will be when we can [be proactive] and take care of their needs here.”  

“Now they don’t even have to leave the school [or the] camps," said Edwards.

"They don’t have to leave housing projects. We can go directly to them now. It’s all about accessibility to us, that’s our mission.”

“I'm just so happy that we were able to develop this relationship for the betterment of not the agencies, but for our citizens,” said Kelly.

Patients of all ages are able to utilize the mobile unit as it makes stops at several locations including health fairs and events.

To find out where the WOW Mobile is going to be next, visit

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