Need Help with ACA Enrollment for 2018 Health Insurance in South Jersey?

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Former President Barack Obama took to Twitter on Wednesday morning, encouraging Americans to enroll in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance plan for 2018.

Obama didn't take to social media with the new video just to remind his 96.5 million Twitter followers that the 2018 ACA open enrollment has commenced and that applicants can go to and start signing up. 

He also reminded Americans about two of his signature health law's most popular provisions. 

"Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies can no longer charge you more just for being a woman, or having a preexisting condition — and that's a good thing," he says in the video.

While the ACA, also known as Obamacare has been in the process of being dismantled by President Donald J. Trump and the GOP, the national health insurance program is still used and needed by many Americans.

Still, the Trump Administration has slashed the marketing and budget for the 2018 open enrollment period, handicapping the efforts to promote the fact that it is even going on. In addition, there have been dramatic cuts to the amount of staffers available to help customers through the online process, the times they can help, and the length of the open enrollment period itself, according to reports. 

NJ Loses Federal Funding to Expand ACA Enrollment

NPR reports that one of Trump's "actions was to cut the budget for outreach and education surrounding this open enrollment season by 90 percent."

Meanwhile, Trump claims the ACA markets are "collapsing," and his critics, according to NPR, say "Trump's actions have weakened those markets because they've injected uncertainty into the system, leading companies to either raise premiums or pull out of the system altogether."

In addition, experts say premiums in the program could rise up to 34 percent for the coming year.

There is help for those who need it in the South Jersey area. 

Community members seeking insurance coverage under the ACA can get free assistance through a volunteer health care navigator at Jefferson Health New Jersey (formerly Kennedy Health) hospitals, through December 15th.
The ACA health insurance marketplace Open Enrollment runs until December 15th, and trained health care navigators will be onsite in the Admissions Departments at Jefferson Health New Jersey’s three hospital locations on the days/times listed below: ?

Jefferson Cherry Hill Hospital –2201 Chapel Avenue West
    •    Mondays: Noon - 5 p.m.
    •    Fridays: Noon - 5 p.m.
Jefferson Stratford Hospital –18 E. Laurel Road
    •    Tuesdays: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
    •    Wednesdays: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

 Jefferson Washington Township Hospital – 435 Hurffville-Cross Keys Road, Sewell
    •    Wednesdays: 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
    •    Thursdays: 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
To make an appointment, call 877-4CARENJ (877-422-7365), but walk-ins are welcome.
Online applications and assistance are also available at

After Merger, Kennedy Hospital Is Now Jefferson Cherry Hill Hospital

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