South Jersey Teen Still Collecting, Distributing Halloween 'Costumes for Kids'

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For the last few weeks, families across South Jersey have been preparing for Halloween.

And thanks to one South Jersey high schooler, hundreds of kids in the Camden and Gloucester County areas will have a costume to go trick or treating.

“When I was in 5th grade, Hurricane Sandy hit,” said Stephanie Masapollo, founder of Costumes for Kids. “And Governor Christie, he postponed Halloween and I was really upset.”

That’s when Costumes for Kids started, right out of her family’s Washington Township home.

“She was just trying to figure out, like, what would I do?” said Steve Masapollo, Stephanie’s father. “Because I mentioned to her not everybody is as lucky as you are. That made her start to think a little bit.”

At age 10, Stephanie started to get the word out and collecting Halloween costumes.

From witches to princesses to Darth Vader, and much more, Masapollo and her parents fill their garage every year with the outfits to donate to area kids in need.

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“Last year, we got about 900 and the year before that we got around 600,” said Stephanie. “This year, I think we got like, over a thousand.”

The current sophomore at Washington Township High School begins collecting in early September and continues past Halloween to save for years to come.

Thanks to a partnership with her church, she is able to find families and local organizations who can benefit from the donated costumes.

“They just get really happy and I say what do you want, and they’re like, well I don’t know,” said Stephanie. “So I show them a bunch of costumes and once they find the costume they like, they get happy and it’s good.”

From ten years old to 15, her mission has remained the same.

“CFK is an organization that collects and donates costumes,” said Stephanie in a video that was taken when she was ten years old.

And her parents have supported her from day one.

“It’s the funniest thing to see that moment until now and how it all worked out,” said Steve. “But yes, I am extremely proud of my daughter.”

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