‘Amazing Ventnor’ to Host Benefit for Puerto Rico Relief

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One Atlantic County community is coming together to help hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

Less than a month ago, Hurricane Maria tore through Puerto Rico as a Category 4 hurricane, resulting in a devastating situation for most of the island.

“There’s a lot of rebuilding that needs to happen," said Jose Ruiz, a volunteer with Amazing Ventnor who has family in Puerto Rico. "A lot of them are still without water, food and electricity.”

“Puerto Rico is distant," said Michael Einwechter, president of Amazing Ventnor. "You can only get there from plane or boat."

"It’s not mainland attached. You can’t just drive supplies there. you can’t just drop money off. It’s a lot harder to reach.”

Organizations from all over the country have been collecting supplies to send over to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico. But Amazing Ventnor is bringing together the local community to help raise the funds to actually ship those donations to the island. 

“We’re seeing an overwhelming lack of being able to ship the stuff there," said Einwechter. "There’s warehouses that are backing up full, and they can’t get the supplies there. I personally got a quote to ship a 40-foot container and it was $4,500."

So, the members of the community non-profit decided to come together to help raise money to help ship items to the island with a goal of raising $30,000.

“This weekend, we’ll be holding the Puerto Rican Relief Benefit here at "Ski Beach" [in Ventnor Heights] on Sunday, October 15th, 3 p.m. to 9 p.m.,” said Einwechter.

The open area, right by the water, serves as a perfect spot for all they have planned.

“We have a lot of bands coming to play," said Ruiz. "A lot of food being donated. It’s going to be a really good time for the family. It will bring everyone together to help raise some money."

A $5 donation is suggested, which comes with a commemorative bracelet; a $10 donation will give you a spot in the buffet line.  

“All the local restaurants have been chipping in," said Ruiz. "Everyone wants to help and it’s been a lot more than we expected.”

Turn to Amazing Ventnor’s Facebook page for more information on how you can join in on the benefit this weekend.

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