Gloucester County Celebrates 10 Years of EMS Agency

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On Wednesday, October, 11th, Gloucester County celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Basic Life Support Emergency Medical Services agency.

Ten years ago, Gloucester was the first county in the state of New Jersey to create its own EMS service. It has since responded to nearly 170,000 medical calls.

"There still is a crisis, a major crisis in EMS in this state and this is the only county that actually did something about it," said State Senate President Steve Sweeney. "That they had the courage to stand up and move forward."

The agency currently serves 19 municipalities throughout the county with a staff of 200.

Officials say that because of the county's ability to pool resources and apply for grants, the agency has specialized vehicles and resources that many EMS agencies cannot afford. 

These include an off-road ambulance for remote locations, a fleet of quick-response vehicles with automated CPR devices, and a multi-patient ambulance bus that is able to transport up to 14 patients simultaneously.

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