Bump Stocks at Center of Gun Control Debate Following Las Vegas Massacre

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Following the early Monday morning shooting in Las Vegas (October 2nd), lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are taking aim at a new debate over bump-stock regulations, and New Jersey's major party candidates for governor are siding with each other on the issue.

On Thursday, October 5th, gubernatorial candidates Phil Murphy and Kim Guadagno both agreed they would sign legislation banning bump stocks for firearms if elected into office.

The debate for more regulations on the device comes after investigators discovered that several of the weapons the Las Vegas shooter used had the attachment.

Bump stocks act as an enhancements for guns — making a semi-automatic rifle perform more like a machine gun. A total of 58 were reportedly killed people by the attacker in the Las Vegas shooting massacre — Stephen Paddock — with hundreds more injured as a result of the shooting.

An investigation is underway as law enforcement try to determine the shooter's motive. 

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