South Jersey ShopRite Stores 'Bag Out Hunger'

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With every purchase made and grocery bags packed, employees at ShopRite asked their customers if they’d be willing to donate to help their hungry neighbors.

“They’re asking them to round the money off, so if it’s 90 cents, they’re taking that nickel or that dime and rounding it up to a dollar sign, and some are giving more than just a couple of pennies, and it’s making a difference because it’s going to go a long way,” said Carmen Molineaux, agency monitor for the Community Food Bank of New Jersey’s Southern Branch.

Whether it was a few cents or a dollar, every little bit helps.

The Community of Food Bank of South Jersey will be able to buy food in bulk with the money raised to continue feeding those in need.

“I’m just very grateful that everyone is here to support the Community Food Bank,” said Molineaux. “You give to us, we are able to help the community, and it’s truly been a blessing.”

Every year, about 250 ShopRite stories in six states participate to ‘Help Bag Hunger.’

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“This year we have our police department, we have people from our food bank, and we have people from our fire department,” said Peter Forcinito, assistant store manager for the Somers Point ShopRite.

Since ShopRite first started the event, more than $43 million has gone to food banks across the Northeast region.

“It’s nice because we do raise a lot of money throughout the years for this program and it’s all for a good cause,” said Forcinito.

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