Stockton Investigating Unapproved White Supremacy Group Fliers on Campus

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At Stockton University, police are searching for three individuals who are believed to be involved in the unauthorized posting of fliers around campus for a group that has been identified by some as a white supremacist organization. 

It is believed that these young men posted fliers and stickers around Stockton University’s campus, on Sunday, September 17th.

It wasn’t until the following morning when people started to notice.

“One of my students sent me a photo of an Identity Evropa poster that was posted right downstairs in H wing,” said Adam Miyashiro, an assistant professor of literature at Stockton University. “No one else had caught it, so immediately I publicized it on Facebook and I sent it to the university email list.” 

On the group's website they call themselves "a generation of awakened Europeans," but they've been identified in the past as a white supremacist organization.

They’re coming in when no one is looking, which means they are actually afraid of showing their faces in public.

According to Miyashiro, student organizations must have a stamp of approval from the university in order to post information, which these fliers were lacking.

“Identity Evropa was founded last year," said Miyashiro, who has done some research on the group. "They’re a repackaged neo-Nazi group and had active participants at the [march in Charlottesville].” 

During his research, the professor discovered that the group has been recruiting on college campuses since last year.

Although the propaganda has since been taken down, a conversation about what groups are organizing on campus has been swirling around.

“They were on bulletin boards and they were on poles," said Askhia Khawhaa, a senior at the university, in reference to the posters. "It’s not something you can miss.” 

On Tuesday, September 19th, a few student activists organized to take a stand against these types of groups on their campus.

“They’ve been posting recruitment fliers and we’ve got to figure out a way to disrupt the groups,” said Michael Mandes, a Stockton University alumnus.

“They’re coming in when no one is looking, which means they are actually afraid of showing their faces in public,” said Miyashiro.

“They’re afraid to organize on campus and what I want to make sure of is that they don’t have a space to organize on campus.

"They don’t represent anything that the university stands for.”

Stockton University Police are continuing their investigation and are looking for any information leading to the people of interest who posted the unauthorized fliers.

Anyone who can recognize them is urged to come forward, as soon as possible. 

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