ACUA Touts Electric Vehicles During National Drive Electric Week

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The Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) hosted another event this year for National Drive Electric Week.

The event focuses on informing the public of the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) and how they play a part in reducing dependence on gasoline.

You charge your phone when it dies, so why not your car?

For hundreds of EV drivers, they do. 

And with more than 500 public charging stations across the state, more and more drivers are making the switch.

“Even though the car costs a bundle," said Ed Pohlman, an EV owner, "there’s no charge to charge it on the way to Florida, and it does make it every time.” 

There’s no tail pipes on the back of an EV vehicle, [so] there’s no pollution.

Pohlman, who is also a Wildwood business owner, frequently drives from South Jersey to Miami Beach. 

With his electric vehicle, he says he never has to worry about stopping for gas or getting an oil change. Instead, he pulls over for a charge every couple hundred miles.

“[It] makes it more comfortable and more enjoyable,” said Pohlman.

Pohlman is only one of many EV drivers who gathered at the ACUA’s wind farm on Tuesday, September 12th, to help give those interested a lesson on renewable energy.

“There’s no tail pipes on the back of an EV vehicle, [so] there’s no pollution,” said Rick Dovey, president of the ACUA. “Fifty percent of the air pollution is caused by tail pipes from cars and trucks.”

According to the Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Air Quality, nearly 650,000 electric vehicles have been sold across the country, steering thousands of drivers away from gasoline.

“Basically, there’s much less moving parts," said Dovey, which means there's less of a chance for things to go wrong and more money to be saved by not having to constantly replace parts. 

In New Jersey, charging stations can be found all over, including 10 that are operating at the ACUA’s two South Jersey locations. 

Dovey said energy used to charge the vehicles are captured through solar panels around the facilities.

“When you see smiles and you see really engaged people talking to each other and sharing their experiences [about the] positive aspects of EV vehicles," said Dovey, "it’s great to see.” 

ACUA Drive Electric Event (VIDEO)

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